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Detox Tea – an effective miracle weapon for more vitality?

Detoxifying with Detox Tea

Environmental influences, stress and an unbalanced diet burden the human organism and have a negative effect on performance and well-being. If you feel tired, exhausted, weak and tired, this can be due to excessive exposure to different pollutants. With Detox Tea you can initiate a natural cleansing process that restores the harmonious balance of body and soul.

Detoxing is not a new fad, because basically detoxifying the body with detox tea follows a similar approach to the proven fasting cure. The focus of both methods is primarily on the purification and detoxification of the body. You free your body from the harmful substances and thus naturally promote your health. By drinking two to three litres of tea a day, you ensure that the toxins are eliminated. High-quality detox products free your body from toxins, stimulate the metabolism and even support healthy weight loss. Detox tea has a draining and detoxifying effect and is ideal for a detox cure in everyday life, as it is nutritious, digestible and tasty.

Basically, detox tea can also be described as detox tea or purifying tea. There are countless tea varieties such as special herbal tea blends that are basic and already marked with a detox emblem. However, sometimes it is easy to decide which tea to buy simply by looking at the ingredients. Black tea, for example, is unsuitable for detoxification and purification, while green tea, ginger tea or matcha tea are ideal. However, it is particularly important that you ensure that the tea has been processed to a high standard of quality and contains natural flavours. High-quality organic tea contains biologically flawlessly produced ingredients that do not additionally burden your health with other toxins. Alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, sugar and finished products should be avoided when detoxing so that the cure can unfold its full effect. It also makes sense not to use animal products. A purely vegan diet with basic foods such as fruit, vegetables and seeds is highly recommended.

Detox Tea: Wellness for body, mind & soul

Every day we put incredible stress on our bodies with fast food, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. In our hectic times there is also a lack of sleep, little exercise and an excess of stress, which in the long run has a negative effect on our health. We take in toxic substances through inferior quality food and unfortunately find it difficult to get rid of these undesirable deposits. Even a healthy body has difficulty in doing this and if there is a disease, the toxins are an additional burden. Other negative factors are numerous pollutants that affect us through environmental pollution, road traffic and/or working with technical equipment.

Detoxification is much more than just a continuing megatrend. This term can be translated as detoxification. Since this name is not protected, there is no precise definition of how a detox cure should actually look like. The primary aim is to relieve and support the detoxification organs of the skin, lungs, intestines, liver and kidneys in their natural task. An easy start for a healthy detox can be made with regularly recurring detox days. Once a week or once a month, a rapid detox day reliably cleanses your body internally. If you carry out conscious wellness rituals on these purification days in addition to infusing tea, body, mind and spirit are subsequently in harmony again. With soap and shower gel you carry out an external cleaning and the Detox tea supports internally in purifying and detoxifying.

Treatment in the hotel or at home

Beside these purification days in the home environment there are also comprehensive cures in the Detox offer, which have even blossomed into a new holiday trend in the meantime. Here you can check into a spa hotel for a weekend, a week or even ten days. The programme usually includes external applications such as saunas and massages. A sufficient intake of fluids is crucial for the success of the cure, which is why the right tea plays an important role here as well. After your stay you will return home with less weight and a fresh complexion.

Alternatively to the detox days and the cure stay you can also make a longer detox diet. Here the selection ranges from 7-day treatment, 14-day treatment and 28-day treatment to a six-week detox cure. The purpose of this application is a systematic detoxification of all body organs. This process is supported by a special menu, which focuses primarily on different herbal teas. Some cures do without solid food for a few days or a week and you only eat soups and/or smoothies during this time.

How Detox tea works

This tea has a draining effect, stimulates the metabolism and stimulates digestion. The elimination of toxins stored in fat and connective tissue is thus initiated and fat burning is fortunately also stimulated. The toxins are washed out of the body and the body is freed from unnecessary ballast. In the context of a cure the tea serves to stimulate the metabolism, so that the positive effect can unfold optimally and the entire effect is still strengthened. In addition, the body is supplied with important vitamins and nutrients which are simply indispensable for detoxification.

Detox tea is also generally regarded as an appetite suppressant for ravenous appetite. This positive effect is particularly evident in tea varieties such as maté tea or green tea with vanilla, which are often used as appetite suppressants and are intended to prevent a possible attack of ravenous hunger. Besides the actual cleansing process, your figure will also benefit if you can lose a few pounds more easily.

So that the tea can unfold its effect optimally, you should pay attention to a good quality when buying. Sugar or other sweeteners are taboo and you should also avoid milk. It should not contain any artificial flavours and of course it should have a tasty aroma, so that you are willing to drink the tea. The right preparation is important so that taste, vitamins and nutrients are optimally preserved and can develop as desired. The recommended water temperature and brewing time can vary depending on the type of tea. For the purification with fasting tea or detox tea different tea sorts are suitable.

Wonder Weapon Green Tea

Green tea such as China Gunpowder is generally excellent for detox treatments. It promotes digestion, has an effect on the metabolism, regulates blood fat levels and vitalises your body so that you feel completely fit and ready for action. It can lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Another positive aspect is that it boosts fat burning and can reduce feelings of hunger and attacks of ravenous hunger. Green tea is said to have other positive properties, such as strengthening the immune system and lowering cholesterol levels.

Your immune system benefits from the valuable ingredients of tea, especially trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and vitamins. To ensure that these are optimally preserved, you should follow exactly the instructions regarding water temperature and infusion time. The hot water should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, for exclusive Gyokuro or Sencha even 50 to 55 degrees Celsius are recommended. Usually you drink your organic green tea unsweetened, but if necessary you can also use some organic honey. If consumption is limited, some honey is also allowed in detoxification. Alternatively, you can flavour the tea with vanilla, lemon grass or ginger to add a little variety to the cup.

Japanese Matcha tea – a special green tea variety

In general, green tea is said to have a blood-cleansing effect and matcha tea is no exception. Due to valuable ingredients such as chlorophyll and catechins (especially EGCG), it is highly recommended as detox tea. EGCG in combination with Tein has been shown to stimulate thermogenesis (fat burning), which is increased by about 28 percent through the consumption of Matcha tea.

The chlorophyll contained in the tea allows your body to discharge harmful heavy metals such as lead, aluminium and mercury much better. In addition, the tea helps to rebalance the sensitive acid-base balance through purification and deacidification. For this reason it is the ideal base tea. You can already help your body with three to four cups of Matcha tea per week for detoxification. This tea also has a very positive effect on the skin, as the antioxidants help to combat free radicals.

Diuretic: nettle tea & birch leaf tea

Nettle tea is obtained from the leaves of the nettle plant and is an excellent detox tea. In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, the coffee malic acid also has a positive influence on human digestion. In addition, the secondary plant substances are supposed to have a health-promoting effect and serve, for example, as scavengers of free radicals.

The leaves of nettles contain valuable vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, lime and silica. In addition to chlorophyll and tannins, flavonoids are particularly interesting because they have a positive effect on different metabolic processes. Nettle tea has a diuretic effect and can be drunk throughout the day. For an untroubled night’s sleep, however, you should not drink large amounts in the evening, as the rinsing effect of the tea is otherwise also noticeable at night.

Like nettle leaf tea, birch leaf tea has a rinsing effect and stimulates kidney activity. The leaves contain valuable ingredients such as vitamins, flavonoids, tannins and saponins, which have a positive effect on the entire metabolism. If you use the birch leaf tea continuously over a longer period of time, you will also benefit from a better skin texture. For this reason, the nickname “Beauty-Tea” is quite justified.

Invigorating ginger tea for new energy

This type of tea is ideal as a daily detox tea, as ginger has a disinfecting effect, promotes blood circulation and stimulates digestion. Your metabolism is stimulated and your body is also supplied with important vitamins and nutrients. Because it is very invigorating, however, it is not suitable as evening tea, because it would possibly delay falling asleep a little. If you drink it early in the morning, it gives you new energy and facilitates the vital start to the day.

If you don’t have much time, you can find ready-made tea bags in stores that you can use to brew a ginger tea quickly. However, it is definitely worth investing the time in brewing fresh ginger tea. All you need is a fresh piece of ginger (sliced or grated) and hot water. Mint or fresh lemon bring a variety of flavours.

All-rounder Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass is a versatile kitchen spice used in Asian cuisine and is also used as a medicinal herb against colds, digestive disorders and abdominal pain. The lemongrass tea stimulates the digestion and the contained mustard oils are said to have an antioxidant effect and the essential oils are said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. In addition, these oils should also have a mood-lightening effect. This is quite a remarkable point with a detox cure, since the renouncement of the used food can have quite negative effects on the good mood.

A good start to the day with mate tea

The mate tea is obtained from the leaves of the South American mate bush, in addition the mate leaves are dried and fermented. Mate tea contains bitter substances which are supposed to act as appetite suppressants and dampen the cravings. For this reason it is ideal as a slimming tea for slim lines. The tea is also said to detoxify and purify the blood.

Thanks to the contained caffeine, the metabolism is stimulated, so this tea is an excellent morning tea to drink. Mate tea is available in stores as a ready-made organic tea, for example as a variant with green tea in bottles. Of course it is also available as a tea bag or in a practical detox box as a set together with other tea varieties.

Mixed Detox Teas

Detox tea stimulates the metabolism and thus supports the body’s own cleansing process. A sufficient supply of fluids is essential for the toxins to be transported out of the body. Diuretic teas are therefore ideal detox teas. Often blends of different herbal teas are offered. A detox tea usually consists of a combination of different herbal teas. Pure fruit tea is usually perceived as too sour, which is why green varieties, lemon grass or ginger are often added in this area.

Popular varieties include the detox teas from “TEATOX”. Thanks to its caffeine content, the Skinny Morning Tea facilitates the start of the day and contains a blend of Sencha green tea, yerba mate and vitamin-rich goji berries. In the evening you can end the day with a cup of Skinny Night Tea. There is no caffeine in this blend, so your restful night’s sleep is not at risk. The combination of melissa, peppermint and yarrow is also available as a practical combination package.

Also recommended is the Slim Body Tea, which contains no bitter substances and has a mild fruity aroma. The loose mixture contains nettle leaves, rose hip peels, raspberry leaves, elderflower, lemon grass, lemon myrtle, marigold flowers and rose petals. The Bio Slim Boost cure is vegan, gluten-free and all ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation. This loose tea contains sencha tea, mate tea, lemongrass, peppermint leaves, goji berry, verbena, balm, dandelion and rose petals.

A slim line with detox tea

A detox cure is equally suitable for women and men, because in addition to an optimal elimination of toxins, it usually also ensures weight loss. Regular detox treatments can also have a positive effect on your fitness, as a slimmer figure and a better feeling of well-being are usually associated with better agility. Different herbal teas and special detox teas are suitable. Tea varieties that disinfect and drain are also ideal. As a rule, the suitable teas also act as appetite suppressants and also have a positive effect on fat burning, digestion and metabolism.

The use of sugar and other sweeteners is not recommended. The focus should always be on cleansing your body and “sweet” would be counterproductive in removing toxins. After all, your body should not be supplied with new harmful substances, so you should pay attention to high-quality organic teas when buying.

To ensure that weight loss is not just a short-term phenomenon, a long-term change in diet is recommended. The right nutritional concept includes a balanced diet, exercise and regular drinking of detox tea. This change will help you lose weight and improve your health and fitness in the long term.

Tea strainer, herbs & co – Tips for your own creations

If you don’t feel like having ready-made teas and would like to be creative yourself, you can of course also create a detox tea to your own taste. You can combine fennel, peppermint leaves, camomile, rooibos tea, lemon myrtle, marigold and more. Also fruit (sea buckthorn berry, orange, etc.) should not be missing, this usually gives your tea a pleasant fruity note. The natural taste and the certainty that your tea does not contain any artificial flavours clearly speak for these variants, which stimulate, detoxify and also taste good.

A proven standard recipe is the combination of maté tea, green tea, mint tea and lemon grass. This tea is an excellent morning pick-me-up, as maté tea and green tea contain caffeine. However, this variant is not recommended for the evening, as it can lead to sleep problems for some people.

You can make a tasty and detoxifying tea from green jasmine tea, fresh ginger and lemongrass and some lemon juice. After a steeping time of about three minutes you can season the tea with some lemon juice. If you want it to taste a little sweet, you can use a little stevia, maple syrup or agave syrup if necessary.

For fans of spicy tea, a recipe with lemon grass, fresh ginger and rosemary is recommended. After a steeping time of about ten minutes, the tea is ready. If desired, the tea can be flavoured with a little honey or agave syrup.

Detox tea can also be a pleasure when chilled. Especially in the summer months, delicious fruit teas or cool mint teas are a refreshing change. Especially delicious is a mixture of white tea, peppermint and cranberries. This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold after infusion.

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